Aug 29, 2010

These are two paintings that I completed between school assignments. To the left is the Toytinker, a conceptual piece on A1 watercolour paper in coffee and watercolour pencil. To the right is an experiment called Muecke, also on A1 watercolour paper but rendered in ink, gesso, watercolour pencil and acrylic. These are photos of the originals.

Allegory for the Modern Woman

I recently finished my final piece for year 12, Allegory for the Modern Woman. It is rendered in pencil on board, approx. 58x95cm in size and uses of montage of images to show social constructs implimented upon the female gender (this being in itself a social construct). Metaphorically there are references to Snow White, Leda and the Swan, ovaries, prostitution, our obsession with weight, appearence, wealth and aging as well as the patriarchy. Being pencil and highly reflective, the photo isn't overly clear but you can still see most of the details.